Spider-Man PS4 Review – Definitely get it.

Wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle; despite the countless options the game wows you with even from fairly early on, the horrific game design makes a great many of approaches unplayable or pretty underwhelming.

The EXTREME overuse of enemy immunities is a big one – good luck trying to play a synergistic earth/fire caster when huge swathes of enemies are completely immune to most or all of what you can do with little to no warning – but don’t worry, you can reload and respec and completely change your build to deal with them!

Hope you didn’t bother bringing mixed physical and magical damage – enemies essentially have separate health bars for each type – making it ideal to bring pure magic OR physical damage (and in almost all cases it’s vastly superior to just bring overwhelming physical damage). Don’t worry, maybe you can have a buffbot caster – or just reload and respec for free with no downsides. I just love the free roam gameplay that all of the spider man series have in them. OH and I almost forgot to mention you can get this game for free on your playstation console…. just follow this youtube clip:

Hope you didn’t want to roleplay each character having different social strengths and out of combat abilities – you never know when you’re going to get dragged into an unskippable and unavoidable conversation that requires you to have high social stats to navigate successfully – but don’t worry, you can just reload and respec to a social god, go and do it, and then respec back into being a thief or whatever!

While I am always in favor of respecs, making it completely free and without any downsides, at any point in the game, in Spider-Man that HEAVILY rewards specialization and defined roles, really rips apart any veneer of real player choice. It’s not about going through a world, it just turns into a puzzle of deciding when to respec to automatically win one challenge and then respec again to beat the next.

There’s also a wonderful modding community with a wide variety of intriguing mods to make the game harder/easier, add new classes, fix problems in the base Spider-Man game, add more monsters, and basically everything else to tailor your experience to be exactly as punishing or trivial as you want – but fortunately Larian knows best and ensured that a single mod disables all achievements because how dare those filthy modders try to alter their game!