Shadow of the Tomb Raider Guide

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a multi-faceted game I have a blast playing and it fits perfectly to my gaming tastes.
After 200 hours playing I feel I have to make a review for it.

I would recommend this game to you:
-If you like the idea of toppling behemoths and big beasts.
-If you want an RPG where you can play as multiple “classes” with 1 character and not have to create an arsenal of characters just to enjoy the different styles of combat the game has to offer.
-If you like fast paced action combat with many strategic layers built into it (example: hitting monsters weak points and positioning properly to avoid getting hit)
-If you want a nice co-op experience as the game is built for teamplay.
-If you want a game you can also play alone if your friends are not online or existent.
-If the concept of skinning a beast of its’ hide and making clothing for your character is appealing to you.
-If you do not care intensely for an amazing story, as the story is somewhat of a tutorial to the actual game rather than the game itself.
-If you like cats, as you have a cat-like creature as a companion.
-If you want a game that can make good use of your good graphics card. Oh and you can get it for free: How to get Shadow of the Tomb Raider for FREE XBOX/PS4/PC

Now the game is not perfect, there are many issues with it such as:
-Crashes which may result in loss of progress. (Might be fixed in future)
-Lack of appearence-altering mechanic for armor, thus an end-game character built with specific statistics in mind can look like a gypsy instead of awesome. (Might be implemented in future).
-Lack of a clear statement from the company wether modding the game is allowed or not.
-Existence of mods that can “break” the game or skip crucial part of game (The end-game farm) making a thousand-hour worth title a weekend experience where you have all builds for all weapons ready very quickly.
-Existence of cheaters. I have encountered 1 in my 200hours so far.