Save the World vs Fortnite Battle Royale – STW FTW!!!!!!!!

As everyone else in these reviews have said; this game is amazing. The art style of the town and the character sprites is absolutely gorgeous, the character heart scenes are wonderful, and the subplots within each character’s life are so interesting!

Like farming? Good, there are so many crop options and farm upgrades.
Like combat? The mines are for you!
Like romance? There are plenty of romanceable characters for you to date and marry! (Be careful if you decide to date them all though!)
Like collection building? The museum and the community center give you ample opportunity to complete collections for rewards.
And of course, how could I forget? If you like capitalism taking over a small rural town, you are going to love Morris 😛 Guys there is also way to try save the world for free with no cost, it’s here: How To Get Fortnite SAVE THE WORLD Code For FREE! 🤑 [PS4, Xbox One, PC][STW FREE] WORKING 2018!

Real talk though, this Save the World game is incredible. There is always something new to do and try. The skill level system allows you to improve your fishing, farming, foraging, mining, and combat stats, with upgrades at levels 5 and 10. Every gameplay experience is a new experience. There are so many ways to go in this game, and so many choices.

Where does one begin with this gem? I could say a lot about this game being 9 hours in as I write this. It’s what would be if Secret of mana, Terraria and Harvest moon all got together and had a party. Combat is simple, but as you progress you don’t feel underpowered (Unless you’re feeling brave), let alone overpower. There’s a nice balance of combat and story which you may or may not progress at you own pace.

Graphicly this is a throw back to the old 90’s games. With polished pixels and marvelous music to set the mood. I had this sitting in my library for some time and then one evening I had some time to kill before bed. I ended up playing for 6 or so hours. I honestly did not think I would enjoy this title as much as I do. The sleepy town of this game, while lacking in the busy body people, it does feel alive and enjoyeble with the few that are here. Things to see, places to be. The Npc’s really do have a life of their own instead of just sitting and waiting for you to come talk to them.

Oh and the music, while I stated that it was marvelous and set the mood. Just sitting back and listening to it is like having your worries and concerns just melt away. It’s so relaxing and so positive. It really does pull you in. There’s not to much and not to little. It’s not on a constant loop making the next time you hear it sound new and refreshing.

Save the world is a splash of nostalgia mixed with a tiny bit of 21st century. Making it feel like an entirely different experience, but at the same time like you’ve done it before.