My Head Ball 2 Review

A game that everyone plays for hundreds of hours, made by people far less talented than AAA devs, but still keeps most of them coming back for more.

There is no equivalent experience to this game on the market right now. It is exhilarating, and a lot of fun with friends.

If you live in a non-mainstream region you might have server issues. They aren’t the greatest devs and are still working towards it.

Game continually has interesting new modes, content, and weapons that keep you coming back for more.

You’ll get an itch for the game that nothing else will scratch.

It’s popular so Chinese people try and exploit it. They actively do everything they can to prevent it.

Good game is good, sorry it’s not perfect, can’t wait for the new map <3

Head Ball 2 is a heartless cash grab. The only thing the devs work on is how to squeeze more and more money out everyone while they avoid any and all actual developing. Sure its fun… to a point.. and I mean that… to a very small insignificant speck of near nothing. Or you can just use cheats to get yourself ahead in the game: head ball 2 cheats