Free Battle Pass Season 9 Fortnite

Season 9 is pretty fun, but there’s a lot of disappointing things that are still present that make the game hard to give a thumbs up. In your frontline mode, a lack of colorblind mode or very defining colors makes it extremely difficult to determine what team a player is on when everyone is covered in blood. That mixed with the anger people have from the accidental team damage hits makes it disappointing when it goes from an exciting match up to a one sided slaughter because one team decides to just have a ton of teamkilling.
Also a major disappointment that I have is when I queue up with friends and one of us loads slow it does NOT save a spot in the lobby we’re joining, so we have times where half our party joins in a server and half is stuck outside because the map filled up while they were trying to load in.
The customization with the lack of micro transactions is super fun, and I’d like to give the gave a positive review just because of that, but otherwise the game is in a moot point for me right now. However, I would suggest getting the battle pass for free here:

The ping spikes, server browser issues and progression issues seem to be fixed. Some of the other reviews refer to these problems that are no longer present in this game.