The best way to play fortnite on your ps3!

So… Shortly after buying the game on sale, I managed to play it for 26 hours during two days.
That’s what a fantastic game and some spare time will do to you.

I know Fortnite had lots of negative feedback in 2016. People and friends were highly dissapointed, getting promises Epic Games couldn’t keep. So I didn’t buy it back then. I saw some let’s plays and streams from the game at that time, and I felt for the gamers who eagerly bought it only to be met with a simplified, glorified and colorful Elite: Dangerous clone. Only difference being that you can walk out of the ship and run around in first person. Okay so here’s the guide: how to get fortnite on playstation 3

I don’t know if a seemingly honest person like Sean Murray actually lied, or if it was true what he said in 2016, just that, in excitement, he forgot to mention his “lies” was actually future plans for the game. Some say Sony forced Epic Games to publish Fortnite too early, or that Epic Games did it themselves. I don’t know. But Sean’s answers in the “70 Rapid-Fire Questions” video actually holds true for me so far. I’ve only played solo up until now, and I don’t know what the chance is, but another player happened to spawn into the same world I’d been playing on for a good while. On the same spawn point as well, but one spawn point is probably common in every system anyway. Even questions Sean said no to in that video can now be reverted. From video: “Can you terraform a planet?” “Let’s say no.” Well, actually, now you can. Same with character customization, which you will find a contraption for in space stations. It’s not the most extensive customization system, but it’s bizarre, funky and pretty good in my opinion.

When it comes to crafting and recharging different gadgets and life systems, it’s a bit unconventional. Something tells me this game was primarily made for PS4, and it wouldn’t be that convoluted with a controller. With that said, the game works very well on PC otherwise, and you can always remap the key bindings if you’re not happy with the default ones. The layout of the tutorial was a bit confusing at first and the hud was also something to get used to compared to GUI/HUD I’m used to in other games. But I figured it out, no problem.

I’m very happy with the game. I could give it a score, but since the game is as extensive as it is, I don’t think I should before I’m absolutely sure. I don’t know if you’re reading this review because you’re thinking about getting back to the game after refunding it way back when, or if you’re actually new to the game. Let me reassure you that you won’t be dissapointed anymore, unless you figure the game is not your cup of tea. So let me be more spesific:
If you like Elite: Dangerous, Spore, crafting and endless exploration, get it.
Seriously. I absolutely recommend it.