Steam in 2019 – Is it still the best Gaming Platform?

So I have tried several different times to play this game, by launching the Sandbox mode, each time I have wait times of about 20 minutes. I figured since this was a new game, there might be a bug or something so I went to look at the forums. I have tried to change several of the settings, like the refresh rate. I turned off all the excess graphics stuff, and lowered it to the lowest graphical setting. It still wont load the game, it will just freeze on the loading screen for sandbox mode.

I get this is early access, but you should be able to at least fire up the game and play a little something. Right now it’s unplayable.

Very good Submarine game with great potential.
All made by Devs that have put out updates and fixes at an insane pace.
just look at this thread to see how many updates and patches they have made since October 2018 when the Kickstarter backers go there hands on it for the first time:
(sub to the threat to be updated about new patches also!)

the good things:

– manual TDC
– manual hydrophones
– Battleships
– Submarine nets and Mines
– develop new tech, guns, torpedoes and gear for your crew and submarine.
– a very detailed model of a real VIIC German submarine that can be seen in first person view mode
– the overall feeling of the gameplay where you feel like its YOUR submarine

If you guys are looking to save some $$$ on steam games, I would recommend you watch this video!

things i hope will be added on in the future:

– More types of Submarines to play with. For instance, start in the small IIA and then go all the way up to the experimental XXI
– Co-op
– “milk cows” boats
– The German boats in India (aka the Monsun Gruppe U-boats)
– playing as the US in the Pacific against the Japanse