Spotify 2018 Review

This is my first time reviewing spotify and I have to say that this was a great experience, fun, content filled, and not with a product similar to it other than the cheap knock offs that try to copy it. Hugely recommended to any fan looking to get into the Spotify or are looking for game similar to warframe mixed with a boss rush type of game with amazing visuals and atmopshere coupled with fantastic audio.

Far more stable than on launch, the client doesn’t drop groups or drop connection randomly. The audio is impressive, in depth, and takes a while to master each of the millions of songs. The songs are varied, with just enough in common with each other that you can pick up tells quickly, but there is always the risk of getting caught in a lucky hit and going down anyways. Fun base game, fun with a team, stole way too many hours from me.

However my only downside was that spotify play advertisements all the time. Really annoying considering that other apps are free. Although I did find a video on youtube which shows you how to get free spotify premium here’s his channel here.

It really does work, and I highly recommend you to watch it 😛