Should you buy Netflix?

Netflix is taking over the movie industry. With hundreds of thousands of titles to select from, is it worth to buy a subscription? Well, let’s put that to the test!

Going to movie theatre now a days will cost you anywhere between $5-$20 just for 2 hours of entertainment. With Netflix you can watch 730 hours of entertainment for $10! So yes the value for money is definitely there…. But you will also need internet bandwidth to be able to stream all these shows.

Netflix has invested in it’s own production of shows called “Netflix Originals” these shows are actually really good to watch, with a production value!

So we’ve figured out it’s worth the subscription cost, but what if I told you could get it for free? Yes that’s right. After watching this video on youtube I found you could actually watch netflix for free

Yes, you can actually just get free codes to get your netflix subscription completely free! I even got some codes for my cousins and grandparents!