Robux for Free in Roblox?

Yes it is possible. I have been playing roblox for the last few years, and I have found a working way to not pay for robux, it’s a youtube guide by: channel – and the video clip: free robux

See now if you follow everything he does, it will work…. But make sure you don’t miss any steps!

My Head Ball 2 Review

A game that everyone plays for hundreds of hours, made by people far less talented than AAA devs, but still keeps most of them coming back for more.

There is no equivalent experience to this game on the market right now. It is exhilarating, and a lot of fun with friends.

If you live in a non-mainstream region you might have server issues. They aren’t the greatest devs and are still working towards it.

Game continually has interesting new modes, content, and weapons that keep you coming back for more.

You’ll get an itch for the game that nothing else will scratch.

It’s popular so Chinese people try and exploit it. They actively do everything they can to prevent it.

Good game is good, sorry it’s not perfect, can’t wait for the new map <3

Head Ball 2 is a heartless cash grab. The only thing the devs work on is how to squeeze more and more money out everyone while they avoid any and all actual developing. Sure its fun… to a point.. and I mean that… to a very small insignificant speck of near nothing. Or you can just use cheats to get yourself ahead in the game: head ball 2 cheats

BO4 Mobile Zombies Review

Incredibly bad game design. I just can’t. This game is so addicting and bottombarrel trash. You get 7 day cooldown all the time for no other reason, than your teamates thought it was funny to kick you. A bunch of little trolling kids, and disgusting eastern europeans, are the closest thing youre gonna get of a team. The ranking system is complete trash. Youre finally out of silver hell that took you 200 hours? Well it doesn’t get better at mg. The same idiots are here, just more cocky. Ohh you didnt get out of silver hell in 200 hours? Now youre playing with low life smurfs that keep asking for +rep. One game you have 4 bots on your team because of trollers, next youre against a full bot team or idlers. Finally get a game that is not like that? Well lucky you, the enemy team has a 0/0/9 and a 30/0/0. While your own team is a combination of russian kids and trash people without mics. Now the best thing about Black Ops4 is the BO4 ZOMBIES MOBILE

There is no way to get out of silver, than buy another account. And lets get into the filthy cheaters you meet every second game. A bunch of blatant wall hackers that don’t even try to hide it. Theyll shoot you through walls with no infotmation, that youre there, and spam the chat with some keybind. It’s incredible how easy it is to get wallhack and probably other hacks. One of my friends, who is only 12 years old found some. HE IS 12 AND HAS ACCES TO WALLHACK. Why you might ask? Why does Valve let this go by so easily? Well, they make money. That has been their only drive for 2 years now. They want to suck every last bit of money they can get from csgo. And then look at Dota 2.

My NBA 2K Review

I really love this game, but once you have a decent number of units and the AI also has built up their units, it starts to lag a lot. I double checked the minimum requirements and my machine should have no issue running the game.

I dug through the game forum and it looks like there was an update back in Jul 2018 that caused severe lag for a lot of people who didn’t have any problems running the game before.

If they fix the lag, I’d absolutely recommend it. It’s a bit like the very old Warcraft crossed with Civ and the graphics are beautiful. But, with the lag it’s unplayable after you build up your players. My favorite character is steph curry…. he’s just the best. Many of you might be thinking, but how did he get this game on android and ios? Easy: NBA 2K19 Mobile For FREE on Android APK and iPhone iOS

NBA 2k19 is great. In game build-up phase is intense due to random events, wildlife, and desperation for needed lands which you are feverishly trying to get strong enough to take and hold. Graphics good. Classes are well balanced. Some networking issues still need to be worked out when playing online, like lag when global events take place. Overall I give it a 8/10.