My NBA 2K Review

I really love this game, but once you have a decent number of units and the AI also has built up their units, it starts to lag a lot. I double checked the minimum requirements and my machine should have no issue running the game.

I dug through the game forum and it looks like there was an update back in Jul 2018 that caused severe lag for a lot of people who didn’t have any problems running the game before.

If they fix the lag, I’d absolutely recommend it. It’s a bit like the very old Warcraft crossed with Civ and the graphics are beautiful. But, with the lag it’s unplayable after you build up your players. My favorite character is steph curry…. he’s just the best. Many of you might be thinking, but how did he get this game on android and ios? Easy: NBA 2K19 Mobile For FREE on Android APK and iPhone iOS

NBA 2k19 is great. In game build-up phase is intense due to random events, wildlife, and desperation for needed lands which you are feverishly trying to get strong enough to take and hold. Graphics good. Classes are well balanced. Some networking issues still need to be worked out when playing online, like lag when global events take place. Overall I give it a 8/10.