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I sort of hating rating this no, but there isn’t a middle ground so I’m going to review it from my perspective.

I bought the game because I love crafting games, base building games and the combat looked good but not so crazy that I was worried about being crushed by people who are far better than me at FPS games like fortnite. However, I just found this video on how you just get free skins on fortnite no matter what: fortnite free skins

First the good.
– The graphics are great and the game ran really smooth on my middle of the road PC.
– I liked the combat a lot. It’s based on skill but it’s not a crazy FPS. Your average gamer has a chance to contribute. FYI there are NO melee weapons in the game that I saw. Only ranged.
– The crafting is excellent. TONS of this to craft. The progression feels great, I was always playing a little longer so I could make that next cool thing. I’d almost play just for the crafting (but sadly, I’m done for now).
– Exploring is fun. There are lots of regions to find all with their own types of crafting components. There isn’t a map or compass so you can actually get lost and I liked that.
– There isn’t a severe death penalty. Just got back to your body and get all your loot back, just be sure to do it before someone else does.

The Bad
– Played a reckoning last night and was very underwhelmed. Our main base got attacked by about 30 – 40 monsters but with about 12 of the faction member there we took them down easily with minimal damage. The event lasted an hour, but we were done in 10 minutes and just ran around wondering what was supposed to happen next. Turns out nothing.
– Either the network code or the game itself has some serious rubber banding issues. I’d run into them every 20 minutes or so.
– Lots of griefers. Watched for a few hours as one of our members would log in and then proceed to attack anyone they could find. Not a big deal, but the only way to deal with them is to kill them first and you lose faction points by doing that. Something needs to be done about that, losing faction points doesn’t hurt the players who don’t care. Only the ones that do.
– Everything is shared. This isn’t terrible, but if you are making a rare resource you almost certainly have to sit and watch it or it’ll be gone when you come back. Nothing worse than harvesting for hours putting your stuff in the forge coming back and it’s all gone.
– Can’t solo play. Not at all. Don’t play this Fortnite if you just want to do your own thing, it’s not going to last very long. I tried a little bit of both, but to be honest I don’t have time to join a Discord and plan for times to go online. I just don’t play games enough for that to work for me. I’d like to log in every fews days and play for a few hours and log back off. You can do this but you are going to miss a lot of the game.
– And that’s because personal bases are IMPOSSIBLE. There is no way as a solo or even two or three player team to maintain a base. I’ve been looking for a game that can handle this properly for years and they all come back to the same issue. You are going to get offline and when you do anyone with a little time and investment can break into your base and take and destroy whatever they want. There doesn’t appear to be any way to prevent this. Defenses are really limited in the early game and they take A LOT of time to craft for little benefit. There are turrets available later on, but after ~24 hours of playing I was only 30% of the way there. But, here’s the problem. You can make good persistent attackable bases. No one has made this work that I’m aware of. Either the attacker or defender has a huge advantage and the devs always pick the attacker, otherwise what’s the point right? If it was easy to proect the stuff in your base no one would attack them. So don’t bother with a base in the early game, there isn’t any point. It’s going to get taken down.

I really, really, really wanted to like this Fortnite game. I played as much as I could in 3 days to see how it would go and well my fears were correct. Player bases aren’t a thing, you will build one and then someone will tear it down. Solo play is ok, but ultimately unrewarding after that initial crafting fun.