Have friends on the other consoles? Here’s you cross platform play fortnite!

Almost 60 hours on the clock, this is one of the best games I have played to date. While I understand that people have had issues with network and the controls, I’ve had no real issues playing with a controller.


This issue has been brought to light online, yet I did not know it before heading into the quest. Now my 60 hours of progress has gone down the drain. It has been an incredible journey getting to the end game, but this issue alone ruined the whole experience. There needs to be a fix immediately, as I am sure that it affects more than just a few people. Besides, losing all your progress at THE FINAL BOSS has to be the worst thing that can happen to a person.

Fortnite is great. However you want to play with your other friends on different consoles…. you can’t unless you follow this youtube video: Fortnite crossplay

I wouldn’t say easy, but accessable to learn, but also impossible to really understand everything. (especially if you have other hobbies, games, work etc. etc.) also meaning theres always something to learn and refine. so thats great. YOU WILL NOT BE MLG in this game “naturally”. you do need to know what your getting into. I generally dont like grind games, but this one is really the only one I’ll let slide.

other than that, EPIC is a bad company that will milk everything they can to the last penny. you know this, you need to decide how much you can accpet or not. that judgement call is on you. buy today, on sale, or just pass.
Hope to see you guys who buy it online, whenever they buy a dozen more gerbles to run their servers.

Fortnite is relaxing game that you think would be boring and with little story other than your own creation but there is plenty of weird and quirky stuff that makes this game interesting and compelling to keep you playing. However despite all of it’s intrigue I can never find myself going past summer of the second year because by then it gets too boring for me, luckily multiplayer can easily make up for it. 7.5/10 -Solid