Gaming on the iOS 12 with jailbreak

IF you are looking for a great action RPG, this is a must buy. Just like all RPGs there are lots of grinding involved, but the repeatable quests in MHW is just enjoyable. Everytime you hunt there is a chance to improve. The online game play of joining others, frequent DC if you tab, and not being able to watch cut scenes as a party when playing through the campaign sucks. That being said, still a GREAT game to play, solo or with friends.

This is an amazing game on iOS 12. I played the PS4 version for 300+ hours and still am having a great time. The PC version leaves a little to be desired considering its extra development time, but it is a minor complaint. I love the weapons, the monsters are fun to fight, and the gameplay loop supports a lot of replayability. When you watch the opening scene and experience the horror of the english dubbing and lip syncing don’t worry, eventually the Handler shuts up. Oh and you should jailbreak your ios 12 to enjoy more gameplay benefits: How to Jailbreak iOS 12 No Computer Online for FREE

Currently 154 hours in the game I’m not tired of it yet.


– Looks great
– Hitbox game is great
– Zero crashes
– Next to no online play issues since the first hotfix
– Just the right amount of difficulty
– It’s not a battle royale game


– Online play is kinda clunky, especially while going through the main story
– Randoms in online play are often stupids
– RNG can suck from time to time

It’s a solid game. 10/10 do recommend.