Fortnite Save the World Free Guide

Playing Fornite on my Lenovo Y50 , GTX 860M. After a few twitching on the graphic card, i finally fine the best setting though its not that beautiful but it can do. Now how can you actually get fortnite stw for free? Well, it’s actually quite easy. This guy made a tutorial on youtube:

Pros :
– gameplay is nice
– battle/combat system is superb. love the tagging and simultaneous team shooting
– infiltrating with drone is a cool idea.
– dev keeps on updating events, new mechanics, and/or story (you get to fight yautza aka The Predator, how cool is that!)
– multiplayer is great, acceptable.
– Freedom. It gives you options to approach silently (w/ drones, scope recon, etc.) or go all loud bang bang finger bang everyone (with mounted machine gun jeep, or APV).

cons :
– Not Optimized. if you have low/mid end graphic card (like mine) and want to play it, set it to low. why i put it in con? because i can play GTA V with Medium setting and high fps, while this in low setting.
– Repetitive missions. If you played it more than 30 hours, you probly will get bored.
– Sometimes the enemies can see you through the walls.

Conclusion? buy it if you have the money.

When u have a good, or great graphic card this game will be great. Because Probly the only thing u (and I) need is a better graphic card. I know I will have a good time after saving some cash setting up new rig.