Fortnite Review – Plus Free Skin GUIDE!

Honestly I’m shocked that the recent reviews for this game are “Very Positive” and not “Overwhelmingly Positive.” I think some folks are mad that the update has affected some of their mods. Uh…sorry, I guess? I’m sure things will update over time and you can turn your sword into a lightsaber again. Or get new portraits of every character in an art style you prefer. Whatever it is you’re missing, it’s no real reflection on the game itself.

I’ve never written a review for a game. I’ve also never put this much time into any game in my life, so I guess I feel compelled to say something. Epic did something with this game that not everyone will notice. As a kid, I loved Harvest Moon games. But a couple years ago, I decided to play some of my old favorites to get some of that nostalgia feeling. And boy was I disappointed. Harvest Moon games (even some of the most popular titles) are basically broken. They are slow and strange. Full of great ideas that, all in all, were poorly executed. Epic took a genre (boring farming simulator) and made a masterpiece out of it. He took a type of game that I never thought I would play again in my life and made it exceptional.

This game is truly a labor of love. You can see it in every heart event, every character design, every location on the map, everywhere. I’m no pixel hugger, but this game forces me to look inward, think about my own life, find ways to live better, and to see the hope and joy in the world. So now for the guide? Yes! Here’s how you can your own royale bomber skin on fortnite for free (btw it’s the rarest in the game right now) how to get royale bomber free

And for those of you who care nothing about that, the game plays really well. Sure, there are a few bugs here and there. I’ll never forget how amazed I was when I saw Epic responding to every tweet with every piddly little problem people had with his game. He will do anything to fix any issue you find. So if you have problems, say something. This game has a great deal of polish, and there’s room for a little more, but overall it’s very nicely done. It’s captivating, relaxing, and even challenging (if you’re like me and want to maximize efficiency for every second of every day).