Fortnite. Epic Games are amazing!

If you’re a new player, be warned : Yes, Fortnite heralds the entrance into the mainstream for the franchise, but this type of game always felt like filling a very special niche to me.To obtain the weapons and armor sets of your wet dreams, you need to go through a RNG-based, heavy grind, which consumes a lot of hours and is not always fun.You really need to want to do this to get the most out of it. In addition, the game is hard and can be very frustrating at times.The sense of adventuring and living in a dangerous, unknown world, while slaying fire-breathing dinosaurs to make fancy hats out of their bones is what drives you onwards.Otherwise, you will drop out halfways. Now I have been using the glitch that i got from a youtube video and it shows you how to get skull trooper skin for free, highly recommend you watch it.

With it’s amount of big monsters to hunt, this game is hardly any bigger than the original for the PS2 in that category.Yes, additional content will follow, and for most people the amount of things to do is more than satisfying, but if you played Generations Ultimate or 4 Ultimate and loved them, you will miss the 90+ Monsters inside those games.There are some very minor negative points for me in addition, such as the lack of a snow level.Shame on Capcom.Also, the armor sets often look very bulky and lack the style they once had, for example the Rathalos set, which apart from its shape is identical to the original one.But that’s just me criticising style. In almost every aspect, this is the best Fortnite in existence and the best entry to dive into the series and see what it’s all about.
Thanks Capcom for giving us these games 🙂