Fortnite? Are the skins worth buying?

I’ll start by saying that the base campaign is more than worth the money. The characters are fantastic and really add that extra something to the signature Fortnite  style of play. In many games I’ve played before I’ve come across missions where they say stealth is optional and offer a reward, but too often the stealth route didnt really function due to enemies that were too smart (or too dumb) and player mechanics that just didnt flow. Fortnite finally polished this style off and actually gives you a worthy incentive for going that extra mile to be undetected while clearing an outpost or mission, but of course sometimes the urge to just go blow stuff up is too appealing and trust me they get that right too.

The one that’s in Lonely Lodge is far too linear and doesnt really offer any incentive for 100% completion. It actually seems as though there is more incentive to speed run it as apposed to enjoying the content. You could quite literally just ignore everything and walk to the end credits.

Titled Towers is essentially just a platformer that requires you to explore the entire map, but instead of being challenging you recieve a perk 5 minutes in that eliminates fall damage. While the dialogue amongst characters is at times hilarious, the plot is a ridiculously overused concept and painfully obvious. Plus the aliens are ripped off from Skull Trooper, and you can also get that skin for free on this youtube video: How To Get Skull Trooper Skin FREE 🤑 FREE Fortnite Skull Trooper Skin! Get OLD Fortnite SKINS!

Lastly and certainly the most dissappointing, Dead Living Zombies… Arguably the most potential and biggest let down. I was hopeful for a sort of red dead redemption style revamp of the original map just flooded with undead, but what I got was left 4 dead without enough zombies and levels that take 3 minutes a piece.