FIFA 19 – Worth a buy?

I was told this would be a good escape from real life, but just like real life, everything costs a lot of money. FIFA 19, I need an escape from my escape until I got millions of dollars in the game. If you “grind” enough for the money then the game gets fun!

I don’t like the fact that I paid money for this game and they stuck me $30 and my computer is an $2700 ASUS Republic Of Gamers Laptop so no issues when it comes down to performance more having to do with my Ultimate Team Membership it made me resend my e-mail verification 5 times than it never appeared in my gmail inbox and it won’t let me resend the e-mail verification again just keeps telling me I sent it too many times and it still hasn’t shown up anywhere in my inbox however EA Claims They Sent it.. So if you guys want to get ripped off and stolen from then I guess EA is the game company for you cause they are no good as the criminals on they’re games I’m done being patient I tried to message EA directly about the issue and they were no where to be found. I couldn’t even get a refund so I’m stuck with a useless game that has no online capability. Thanx EA!!!

However, if you are looking at buying FIFA 19, I would wait till you can get a free code because it is $60…. On the bright side, some guy on youtube actually found a way to get free key downloads here: fifa 19 free download