Dragon City 2018 Review – Worth a buy?

This is the first Dragon City series game that I have played.
Although, there seems to still be connection issues… this is being addressed by developers and patches are being released.
Overall the game is solid.
In the past 5 years I have found myself being unable to bear with Singleplayer games, even the likes of Fallout and Witcher 3 I cannot come to play. This game is my exception to this, the story and world has brought me back to enjoying even the singeplayer experience. I have been trying these cheats in game for dragon city, you should watch this clip: dragon city cheat

Inability to play with friends without connection issues is understandably a major issue for some people, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact this is a great game. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Love the mechanics, the visuals, the monsters, the crafting, the grind, its a monsters are tough and challenging as well as simple and beautiful. I recommend this game to anyone who’s grown to love the Dragon City series or just wants to slay away.
Great game overall, multiplayer is unplayable since it kicks you or the people in ur party all the time but it doesnt bother me that much since i like to play solo anyway so it doesnt bother me that much. i think that the game should have gotten some negative reviews but i dont think it should have been as excessive as it is now since it is still a great game even with the multiplayer not working.
For a game thats 60 dollars I expected it to be better than the game I got for free but some how not only is that game better this game feels so clunky that even I don’t want to play it anymore after only owning it for an hour also to introduce someone into your game don’t have them walk around for 30 minutes at a snails pace and say this is that thing and this is that thing let the try the combat before you decide we need 30 minutes of exposition before we get a weapon. Also once you get that one of 14 weapons you are soon gonna realize that it feels so damn clunky to use that weapon you wasted half an hour for its like you didn’t swing it for 3 seconds so im just gonna sheathe it so you can unsheathe it 3 seconds later in frustation. For all those that read this guide just play a dark souls game or dauntless because somehow they are both superiour to this game in every way I can think of except wasting your time with cutscenes you can’t skip. 3.5/10 wouldn’t reccomend to my greatest enemy.