Coin Master iOS & Android Review!

After playing for 7 hours, I can, for the record, give an honest opinion about this game.

Long story short: The visuals, animations and music are great; just as a reminder should be.

The game mechanics? Terrible:
-Complete lack of depth perception: The front-to-back camera angle in Coin master is how it was in the original. But it seems that the devs took no care in improving it whatsoever. Jumps are almost impossible to judge given this angle. I have the game maxed out at 1280×1024 on android and STILL cannot judge distances based on shadows, etc.

I think my favourite aspect of Coin Master, is the fact that you can play with your Facebook friends and verse them. I Actually attacked my friend who was ahead of me and then he deleted me on Facebook because of it…. He buys coins from the app store though :/ So I had to find a working coin generator for this game…. and then I stumbled upon this working coin master hack on youtube.

It runs smooth as butter and looks fantastic, pretty much perfectly recapturing the cartoony feel of the original games. New animations have been added on top of improving all of the old ones, and a few sound effects have been changed as well, though whether or not you see that as an improvement will come down to personal preference.

Finally, as mentioned, each of the games have some degree of QoL changes (generally to improving Bonus Stages in some way or another) that makes getting many of the previously ballbusting gems far more reasonable.

So as far as remastering goes they did a 10/10 job, but a remaster is only as good as the games it’s, well, remastering.