Spider-Man PS4 Review – Definitely get it.

Wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle; despite the countless options the game wows you with even from fairly early on, the horrific game design makes a great many of approaches unplayable or pretty underwhelming.

The EXTREME overuse of enemy immunities is a big one – good luck trying to play a synergistic earth/fire caster when huge swathes of enemies are completely immune to most or all of what you can do with little to no warning – but don’t worry, you can reload and respec and completely change your build to deal with them!

Hope you didn’t bother bringing mixed physical and magical damage – enemies essentially have separate health bars for each type – making it ideal to bring pure magic OR physical damage (and in almost all cases it’s vastly superior to just bring overwhelming physical damage). Don’t worry, maybe you can have a buffbot caster – or just reload and respec for free with no downsides. I just love the free roam gameplay that all of the spider man series have in them. OH and I almost forgot to mention you can get this game for free on your playstation console…. just follow this youtube clip:

Hope you didn’t want to roleplay each character having different social strengths and out of combat abilities – you never know when you’re going to get dragged into an unskippable and unavoidable conversation that requires you to have high social stats to navigate successfully – but don’t worry, you can just reload and respec to a social god, go and do it, and then respec back into being a thief or whatever!

While I am always in favor of respecs, making it completely free and without any downsides, at any point in the game, in Spider-Man that HEAVILY rewards specialization and defined roles, really rips apart any veneer of real player choice. It’s not about going through a world, it just turns into a puzzle of deciding when to respec to automatically win one challenge and then respec again to beat the next.

There’s also a wonderful modding community with a wide variety of intriguing mods to make the game harder/easier, add new classes, fix problems in the base Spider-Man game, add more monsters, and basically everything else to tailor your experience to be exactly as punishing or trivial as you want – but fortunately Larian knows best and ensured that a single mod disables all achievements because how dare those filthy modders try to alter their game!

Fortnite? Are the skins worth buying?

I’ll start by saying that the base campaign is more than worth the money. The characters are fantastic and really add that extra something to the signature Fortnite  style of play. In many games I’ve played before I’ve come across missions where they say stealth is optional and offer a reward, but too often the stealth route didnt really function due to enemies that were too smart (or too dumb) and player mechanics that just didnt flow. Fortnite finally polished this style off and actually gives you a worthy incentive for going that extra mile to be undetected while clearing an outpost or mission, but of course sometimes the urge to just go blow stuff up is too appealing and trust me they get that right too.

The one that’s in Lonely Lodge is far too linear and doesnt really offer any incentive for 100% completion. It actually seems as though there is more incentive to speed run it as apposed to enjoying the content. You could quite literally just ignore everything and walk to the end credits.

Titled Towers is essentially just a platformer that requires you to explore the entire map, but instead of being challenging you recieve a perk 5 minutes in that eliminates fall damage. While the dialogue amongst characters is at times hilarious, the plot is a ridiculously overused concept and painfully obvious. Plus the aliens are ripped off from Skull Trooper, and you can also get that skin for free on this youtube video: How To Get Skull Trooper Skin FREE 🤑 FREE Fortnite Skull Trooper Skin! Get OLD Fortnite SKINS!

Lastly and certainly the most dissappointing, Dead Living Zombies… Arguably the most potential and biggest let down. I was hopeful for a sort of red dead redemption style revamp of the original map just flooded with undead, but what I got was left 4 dead without enough zombies and levels that take 3 minutes a piece.

Dragon City 2018 Review – Worth a buy?

This is the first Dragon City series game that I have played.
Although, there seems to still be connection issues… this is being addressed by developers and patches are being released.
Overall the game is solid.
In the past 5 years I have found myself being unable to bear with Singleplayer games, even the likes of Fallout and Witcher 3 I cannot come to play. This game is my exception to this, the story and world has brought me back to enjoying even the singeplayer experience. I have been trying these cheats in game for dragon city, you should watch this clip: dragon city cheat

Inability to play with friends without connection issues is understandably a major issue for some people, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact this is a great game. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Love the mechanics, the visuals, the monsters, the crafting, the grind, its a monsters are tough and challenging as well as simple and beautiful. I recommend this game to anyone who’s grown to love the Dragon City series or just wants to slay away.
Great game overall, multiplayer is unplayable since it kicks you or the people in ur party all the time but it doesnt bother me that much since i like to play solo anyway so it doesnt bother me that much. i think that the game should have gotten some negative reviews but i dont think it should have been as excessive as it is now since it is still a great game even with the multiplayer not working.
For a game thats 60 dollars I expected it to be better than the game I got for free but some how not only is that game better this game feels so clunky that even I don’t want to play it anymore after only owning it for an hour also to introduce someone into your game don’t have them walk around for 30 minutes at a snails pace and say this is that thing and this is that thing let the try the combat before you decide we need 30 minutes of exposition before we get a weapon. Also once you get that one of 14 weapons you are soon gonna realize that it feels so damn clunky to use that weapon you wasted half an hour for its like you didn’t swing it for 3 seconds so im just gonna sheathe it so you can unsheathe it 3 seconds later in frustation. For all those that read this guide just play a dark souls game or dauntless because somehow they are both superiour to this game in every way I can think of except wasting your time with cutscenes you can’t skip. 3.5/10 wouldn’t reccomend to my greatest enemy.

Have friends on the other consoles? Here’s you cross platform play fortnite!

Almost 60 hours on the clock, this is one of the best games I have played to date. While I understand that people have had issues with network and the controls, I’ve had no real issues playing with a controller.


This issue has been brought to light online, yet I did not know it before heading into the quest. Now my 60 hours of progress has gone down the drain. It has been an incredible journey getting to the end game, but this issue alone ruined the whole experience. There needs to be a fix immediately, as I am sure that it affects more than just a few people. Besides, losing all your progress at THE FINAL BOSS has to be the worst thing that can happen to a person.

Fortnite is great. However you want to play with your other friends on different consoles…. you can’t unless you follow this youtube video: Fortnite crossplay

I wouldn’t say easy, but accessable to learn, but also impossible to really understand everything. (especially if you have other hobbies, games, work etc. etc.) also meaning theres always something to learn and refine. so thats great. YOU WILL NOT BE MLG in this game “naturally”. you do need to know what your getting into. I generally dont like grind games, but this one is really the only one I’ll let slide.

other than that, EPIC is a bad company that will milk everything they can to the last penny. you know this, you need to decide how much you can accpet or not. that judgement call is on you. buy today, on sale, or just pass.
Hope to see you guys who buy it online, whenever they buy a dozen more gerbles to run their servers.

Fortnite is relaxing game that you think would be boring and with little story other than your own creation but there is plenty of weird and quirky stuff that makes this game interesting and compelling to keep you playing. However despite all of it’s intrigue I can never find myself going past summer of the second year because by then it gets too boring for me, luckily multiplayer can easily make up for it. 7.5/10 -Solid

Save the World vs Fortnite Battle Royale – STW FTW!!!!!!!!

As everyone else in these reviews have said; this game is amazing. The art style of the town and the character sprites is absolutely gorgeous, the character heart scenes are wonderful, and the subplots within each character’s life are so interesting!

Like farming? Good, there are so many crop options and farm upgrades.
Like combat? The mines are for you!
Like romance? There are plenty of romanceable characters for you to date and marry! (Be careful if you decide to date them all though!)
Like collection building? The museum and the community center give you ample opportunity to complete collections for rewards.
And of course, how could I forget? If you like capitalism taking over a small rural town, you are going to love Morris 😛 Guys there is also way to try save the world for free with no cost, it’s here: How To Get Fortnite SAVE THE WORLD Code For FREE! 🤑 [PS4, Xbox One, PC][STW FREE] WORKING 2018!

Real talk though, this Save the World game is incredible. There is always something new to do and try. The skill level system allows you to improve your fishing, farming, foraging, mining, and combat stats, with upgrades at levels 5 and 10. Every gameplay experience is a new experience. There are so many ways to go in this game, and so many choices.

Where does one begin with this gem? I could say a lot about this game being 9 hours in as I write this. It’s what would be if Secret of mana, Terraria and Harvest moon all got together and had a party. Combat is simple, but as you progress you don’t feel underpowered (Unless you’re feeling brave), let alone overpower. There’s a nice balance of combat and story which you may or may not progress at you own pace.

Graphicly this is a throw back to the old 90’s games. With polished pixels and marvelous music to set the mood. I had this sitting in my library for some time and then one evening I had some time to kill before bed. I ended up playing for 6 or so hours. I honestly did not think I would enjoy this title as much as I do. The sleepy town of this game, while lacking in the busy body people, it does feel alive and enjoyeble with the few that are here. Things to see, places to be. The Npc’s really do have a life of their own instead of just sitting and waiting for you to come talk to them.

Oh and the music, while I stated that it was marvelous and set the mood. Just sitting back and listening to it is like having your worries and concerns just melt away. It’s so relaxing and so positive. It really does pull you in. There’s not to much and not to little. It’s not on a constant loop making the next time you hear it sound new and refreshing.

Save the world is a splash of nostalgia mixed with a tiny bit of 21st century. Making it feel like an entirely different experience, but at the same time like you’ve done it before.

How you can free ps plus in 2018

One of my favourite games of all time the new multiplayer is good as well! the only thing i wish was different is that it’d be cool if your kids developed traites from there parents or you could teach them skills or hobbies or influence them go down a certain career like in Harvest Moon also it’d be nice if people grew older and died over time and new people moved in that would be pretty interesting 🙂 Please check out this youtube video for the guide: free ps plus

Great, game reminds me of an old Days game called Runefactory.
I love the mix of farming rpg. It keeps you coming back to water you crop and build more structures.
I got it on my PC first, then found it on my PSP vita great idea a portable Stardew Valley.
Steam has amazing games for low cost and crazy sale. I have turned into a PC gamer because of steam.

Long Version: I am a free weekend player of this game. I’ve played Tekken 5 to bits on a PS2 before a shift to PC Gaming. This game is just amazing and is easily the best fighting game I ever played on PC. While not 100% micro-transaction free, it is a far cry from the other game (*cough SFV *cough) that has almost more than half of its character roster requiring you to purchase them or endlessly grind in online battles (which is also one of its weakest points). A quick summary of why this game is good:

– Excellent fighting game mechanics (as most Tekken games have been anyway)
– Huge roster of characters immediately available on the base game
– Solid single player modes if you don’t want to play online yet
– Online battle search is relatively quick (compared to that game that makes you wait for 30 minutes to find you a match *cough SFV *cough)

I would grab this title in a heartbeat only if it weren’t for my huge backlog of games.

How you can the skull trooper and other rare skins on fortnite for free!

I sort of hating rating this no, but there isn’t a middle ground so I’m going to review it from my perspective.

I bought the game because I love crafting games, base building games and the combat looked good but not so crazy that I was worried about being crushed by people who are far better than me at FPS games like fortnite. However, I just found this video on how you just get free skins on fortnite no matter what: fortnite free skins

First the good.
– The graphics are great and the game ran really smooth on my middle of the road PC.
– I liked the combat a lot. It’s based on skill but it’s not a crazy FPS. Your average gamer has a chance to contribute. FYI there are NO melee weapons in the game that I saw. Only ranged.
– The crafting is excellent. TONS of this to craft. The progression feels great, I was always playing a little longer so I could make that next cool thing. I’d almost play just for the crafting (but sadly, I’m done for now).
– Exploring is fun. There are lots of regions to find all with their own types of crafting components. There isn’t a map or compass so you can actually get lost and I liked that.
– There isn’t a severe death penalty. Just got back to your body and get all your loot back, just be sure to do it before someone else does.

The Bad
– Played a reckoning last night and was very underwhelmed. Our main base got attacked by about 30 – 40 monsters but with about 12 of the faction member there we took them down easily with minimal damage. The event lasted an hour, but we were done in 10 minutes and just ran around wondering what was supposed to happen next. Turns out nothing.
– Either the network code or the game itself has some serious rubber banding issues. I’d run into them every 20 minutes or so.
– Lots of griefers. Watched for a few hours as one of our members would log in and then proceed to attack anyone they could find. Not a big deal, but the only way to deal with them is to kill them first and you lose faction points by doing that. Something needs to be done about that, losing faction points doesn’t hurt the players who don’t care. Only the ones that do.
– Everything is shared. This isn’t terrible, but if you are making a rare resource you almost certainly have to sit and watch it or it’ll be gone when you come back. Nothing worse than harvesting for hours putting your stuff in the forge coming back and it’s all gone.
– Can’t solo play. Not at all. Don’t play this Fortnite if you just want to do your own thing, it’s not going to last very long. I tried a little bit of both, but to be honest I don’t have time to join a Discord and plan for times to go online. I just don’t play games enough for that to work for me. I’d like to log in every fews days and play for a few hours and log back off. You can do this but you are going to miss a lot of the game.
– And that’s because personal bases are IMPOSSIBLE. There is no way as a solo or even two or three player team to maintain a base. I’ve been looking for a game that can handle this properly for years and they all come back to the same issue. You are going to get offline and when you do anyone with a little time and investment can break into your base and take and destroy whatever they want. There doesn’t appear to be any way to prevent this. Defenses are really limited in the early game and they take A LOT of time to craft for little benefit. There are turrets available later on, but after ~24 hours of playing I was only 30% of the way there. But, here’s the problem. You can make good persistent attackable bases. No one has made this work that I’m aware of. Either the attacker or defender has a huge advantage and the devs always pick the attacker, otherwise what’s the point right? If it was easy to proect the stuff in your base no one would attack them. So don’t bother with a base in the early game, there isn’t any point. It’s going to get taken down.

I really, really, really wanted to like this Fortnite game. I played as much as I could in 3 days to see how it would go and well my fears were correct. Player bases aren’t a thing, you will build one and then someone will tear it down. Solo play is ok, but ultimately unrewarding after that initial crafting fun.

The best way to play fortnite on your ps3!

So… Shortly after buying the game on sale, I managed to play it for 26 hours during two days.
That’s what a fantastic game and some spare time will do to you.

I know Fortnite had lots of negative feedback in 2016. People and friends were highly dissapointed, getting promises Epic Games couldn’t keep. So I didn’t buy it back then. I saw some let’s plays and streams from the game at that time, and I felt for the gamers who eagerly bought it only to be met with a simplified, glorified and colorful Elite: Dangerous clone. Only difference being that you can walk out of the ship and run around in first person. Okay so here’s the guide: how to get fortnite on playstation 3

I don’t know if a seemingly honest person like Sean Murray actually lied, or if it was true what he said in 2016, just that, in excitement, he forgot to mention his “lies” was actually future plans for the game. Some say Sony forced Epic Games to publish Fortnite too early, or that Epic Games did it themselves. I don’t know. But Sean’s answers in the “70 Rapid-Fire Questions” video actually holds true for me so far. I’ve only played solo up until now, and I don’t know what the chance is, but another player happened to spawn into the same world I’d been playing on for a good while. On the same spawn point as well, but one spawn point is probably common in every system anyway. Even questions Sean said no to in that video can now be reverted. From video: “Can you terraform a planet?” “Let’s say no.” Well, actually, now you can. Same with character customization, which you will find a contraption for in space stations. It’s not the most extensive customization system, but it’s bizarre, funky and pretty good in my opinion.

When it comes to crafting and recharging different gadgets and life systems, it’s a bit unconventional. Something tells me this game was primarily made for PS4, and it wouldn’t be that convoluted with a controller. With that said, the game works very well on PC otherwise, and you can always remap the key bindings if you’re not happy with the default ones. The layout of the tutorial was a bit confusing at first and the hud was also something to get used to compared to GUI/HUD I’m used to in other games. But I figured it out, no problem.

I’m very happy with the game. I could give it a score, but since the game is as extensive as it is, I don’t think I should before I’m absolutely sure. I don’t know if you’re reading this review because you’re thinking about getting back to the game after refunding it way back when, or if you’re actually new to the game. Let me reassure you that you won’t be dissapointed anymore, unless you figure the game is not your cup of tea. So let me be more spesific:
If you like Elite: Dangerous, Spore, crafting and endless exploration, get it.
Seriously. I absolutely recommend it.

Fortnite Review – Plus Free Skin GUIDE!

Honestly I’m shocked that the recent reviews for this game are “Very Positive” and not “Overwhelmingly Positive.” I think some folks are mad that the update has affected some of their mods. Uh…sorry, I guess? I’m sure things will update over time and you can turn your sword into a lightsaber again. Or get new portraits of every character in an art style you prefer. Whatever it is you’re missing, it’s no real reflection on the game itself.

I’ve never written a review for a game. I’ve also never put this much time into any game in my life, so I guess I feel compelled to say something. Epic did something with this game that not everyone will notice. As a kid, I loved Harvest Moon games. But a couple years ago, I decided to play some of my old favorites to get some of that nostalgia feeling. And boy was I disappointed. Harvest Moon games (even some of the most popular titles) are basically broken. They are slow and strange. Full of great ideas that, all in all, were poorly executed. Epic took a genre (boring farming simulator) and made a masterpiece out of it. He took a type of game that I never thought I would play again in my life and made it exceptional.

This game is truly a labor of love. You can see it in every heart event, every character design, every location on the map, everywhere. I’m no pixel hugger, but this game forces me to look inward, think about my own life, find ways to live better, and to see the hope and joy in the world. So now for the guide? Yes! Here’s how you can your own royale bomber skin on fortnite for free (btw it’s the rarest in the game right now) how to get royale bomber free

And for those of you who care nothing about that, the game plays really well. Sure, there are a few bugs here and there. I’ll never forget how amazed I was when I saw Epic responding to every tweet with every piddly little problem people had with his game. He will do anything to fix any issue you find. So if you have problems, say something. This game has a great deal of polish, and there’s room for a little more, but overall it’s very nicely done. It’s captivating, relaxing, and even challenging (if you’re like me and want to maximize efficiency for every second of every day).

Dragon Ball Legends on iOS and Android Review

Do you love Dragon Ball? Do you love video games? If yes this game is for you. It takes real practice, time, and skill. Extremely quick field transitions and constant action 24/7 with over 100,000 people online at almost all hours. They are always updating, changing, but every DB Legend has the same stats in ever way ragardless of style. The biggest enemy can have an advantage with a bigger hitbox, but thats about it. This game is the best example of what mobile gaming truly is, i have never been so hype playing a game in my life. Its worth the download, and it is a steal when half priced. I am nowhere near even good, and im Platinum.

Honestly, I don’t know what to say. DB Legends is fantastic in everything that it tries to do (except when it doesn’t but well get to that) and its a great game! Nowadays it is more for people who actually want to ‘get gud’ instead of CasUaLS. But still, you can have some fun even if youre not serious about the game. I’ll be doing an edit on this review once I hit 600 hours, but its been great so far. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a skill-based serious game, but I also recommend if you are looking to play some games after a day of hard work or something of the like. Also, the community is not too toxic, and there is a very vibrant and dedicated online community to help them.

The one thing i don’t like is the extra money. There’s no way to get a new guys without spending money for crono crystals (except for events). There’s no way to get a new item without randomness without getting into the rl trading community. You have to buy crystals in order to get a normal, tradeable, decent item. And keys come at pretty decent price, tho. The catch is, you can’t know exactly what you’re getting, luckily I found this youtube video which explains how to get free crono crystals working on both devices…. check it out here: dragon ball legends hack