FIFA 19 – Worth a buy?

I was told this would be a good escape from real life, but just like real life, everything costs a lot of money. FIFA 19, I need an escape from my escape until I got millions of dollars in the game. If you “grind” enough for the money then the game gets fun!

I don’t like the fact that I paid money for this game and they stuck me $30 and my computer is an $2700 ASUS Republic Of Gamers Laptop so no issues when it comes down to performance more having to do with my Ultimate Team Membership it made me resend my e-mail verification 5 times than it never appeared in my gmail inbox and it won’t let me resend the e-mail verification again just keeps telling me I sent it too many times and it still hasn’t shown up anywhere in my inbox however EA Claims They Sent it.. So if you guys want to get ripped off and stolen from then I guess EA is the game company for you cause they are no good as the criminals on they’re games I’m done being patient I tried to message EA directly about the issue and they were no where to be found. I couldn’t even get a refund so I’m stuck with a useless game that has no online capability. Thanx EA!!!

However, if you are looking at buying FIFA 19, I would wait till you can get a free code because it is $60…. On the bright side, some guy on youtube actually found a way to get free key downloads here: fifa 19 free download

Fortnite Save the World Free Guide

Playing Fornite on my Lenovo Y50 , GTX 860M. After a few twitching on the graphic card, i finally fine the best setting though its not that beautiful but it can do. Now how can you actually get fortnite stw for free? Well, it’s actually quite easy. This guy made a tutorial on youtube:

Pros :
– gameplay is nice
– battle/combat system is superb. love the tagging and simultaneous team shooting
– infiltrating with drone is a cool idea.
– dev keeps on updating events, new mechanics, and/or story (you get to fight yautza aka The Predator, how cool is that!)
– multiplayer is great, acceptable.
– Freedom. It gives you options to approach silently (w/ drones, scope recon, etc.) or go all loud bang bang finger bang everyone (with mounted machine gun jeep, or APV).

cons :
– Not Optimized. if you have low/mid end graphic card (like mine) and want to play it, set it to low. why i put it in con? because i can play GTA V with Medium setting and high fps, while this in low setting.
– Repetitive missions. If you played it more than 30 hours, you probly will get bored.
– Sometimes the enemies can see you through the walls.

Conclusion? buy it if you have the money.

When u have a good, or great graphic card this game will be great. Because Probly the only thing u (and I) need is a better graphic card. I know I will have a good time after saving some cash setting up new rig.

Spotify 2018 Review

This is my first time reviewing spotify and I have to say that this was a great experience, fun, content filled, and not with a product similar to it other than the cheap knock offs that try to copy it. Hugely recommended to any fan looking to get into the Spotify or are looking for game similar to warframe mixed with a boss rush type of game with amazing visuals and atmopshere coupled with fantastic audio.

Far more stable than on launch, the client doesn’t drop groups or drop connection randomly. The audio is impressive, in depth, and takes a while to master each of the millions of songs. The songs are varied, with just enough in common with each other that you can pick up tells quickly, but there is always the risk of getting caught in a lucky hit and going down anyways. Fun base game, fun with a team, stole way too many hours from me.

However my only downside was that spotify play advertisements all the time. Really annoying considering that other apps are free. Although I did find a video on youtube which shows you how to get free spotify premium here’s his channel here.

It really does work, and I highly recommend you to watch it 😛

Gaming on the iOS 12 with jailbreak

IF you are looking for a great action RPG, this is a must buy. Just like all RPGs there are lots of grinding involved, but the repeatable quests in MHW is just enjoyable. Everytime you hunt there is a chance to improve. The online game play of joining others, frequent DC if you tab, and not being able to watch cut scenes as a party when playing through the campaign sucks. That being said, still a GREAT game to play, solo or with friends.

This is an amazing game on iOS 12. I played the PS4 version for 300+ hours and still am having a great time. The PC version leaves a little to be desired considering its extra development time, but it is a minor complaint. I love the weapons, the monsters are fun to fight, and the gameplay loop supports a lot of replayability. When you watch the opening scene and experience the horror of the english dubbing and lip syncing don’t worry, eventually the Handler shuts up. Oh and you should jailbreak your ios 12 to enjoy more gameplay benefits: How to Jailbreak iOS 12 No Computer Online for FREE

Currently 154 hours in the game I’m not tired of it yet.


– Looks great
– Hitbox game is great
– Zero crashes
– Next to no online play issues since the first hotfix
– Just the right amount of difficulty
– It’s not a battle royale game


– Online play is kinda clunky, especially while going through the main story
– Randoms in online play are often stupids
– RNG can suck from time to time

It’s a solid game. 10/10 do recommend.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Guide

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a multi-faceted game I have a blast playing and it fits perfectly to my gaming tastes.
After 200 hours playing I feel I have to make a review for it.

I would recommend this game to you:
-If you like the idea of toppling behemoths and big beasts.
-If you want an RPG where you can play as multiple “classes” with 1 character and not have to create an arsenal of characters just to enjoy the different styles of combat the game has to offer.
-If you like fast paced action combat with many strategic layers built into it (example: hitting monsters weak points and positioning properly to avoid getting hit)
-If you want a nice co-op experience as the game is built for teamplay.
-If you want a game you can also play alone if your friends are not online or existent.
-If the concept of skinning a beast of its’ hide and making clothing for your character is appealing to you.
-If you do not care intensely for an amazing story, as the story is somewhat of a tutorial to the actual game rather than the game itself.
-If you like cats, as you have a cat-like creature as a companion.
-If you want a game that can make good use of your good graphics card. Oh and you can get it for free: How to get Shadow of the Tomb Raider for FREE XBOX/PS4/PC

Now the game is not perfect, there are many issues with it such as:
-Crashes which may result in loss of progress. (Might be fixed in future)
-Lack of appearence-altering mechanic for armor, thus an end-game character built with specific statistics in mind can look like a gypsy instead of awesome. (Might be implemented in future).
-Lack of a clear statement from the company wether modding the game is allowed or not.
-Existence of mods that can “break” the game or skip crucial part of game (The end-game farm) making a thousand-hour worth title a weekend experience where you have all builds for all weapons ready very quickly.
-Existence of cheaters. I have encountered 1 in my 200hours so far.

Fortnite. Epic Games are amazing!

If you’re a new player, be warned : Yes, Fortnite heralds the entrance into the mainstream for the franchise, but this type of game always felt like filling a very special niche to me.To obtain the weapons and armor sets of your wet dreams, you need to go through a RNG-based, heavy grind, which consumes a lot of hours and is not always fun.You really need to want to do this to get the most out of it. In addition, the game is hard and can be very frustrating at times.The sense of adventuring and living in a dangerous, unknown world, while slaying fire-breathing dinosaurs to make fancy hats out of their bones is what drives you onwards.Otherwise, you will drop out halfways. Now I have been using the glitch that i got from a youtube video and it shows you how to get skull trooper skin for free, highly recommend you watch it.

With it’s amount of big monsters to hunt, this game is hardly any bigger than the original for the PS2 in that category.Yes, additional content will follow, and for most people the amount of things to do is more than satisfying, but if you played Generations Ultimate or 4 Ultimate and loved them, you will miss the 90+ Monsters inside those games.There are some very minor negative points for me in addition, such as the lack of a snow level.Shame on Capcom.Also, the armor sets often look very bulky and lack the style they once had, for example the Rathalos set, which apart from its shape is identical to the original one.But that’s just me criticising style. In almost every aspect, this is the best Fortnite in existence and the best entry to dive into the series and see what it’s all about.
Thanks Capcom for giving us these games 🙂

Spider-Man PS4 Review – Definitely get it.

Wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle; despite the countless options the game wows you with even from fairly early on, the horrific game design makes a great many of approaches unplayable or pretty underwhelming.

The EXTREME overuse of enemy immunities is a big one – good luck trying to play a synergistic earth/fire caster when huge swathes of enemies are completely immune to most or all of what you can do with little to no warning – but don’t worry, you can reload and respec and completely change your build to deal with them!

Hope you didn’t bother bringing mixed physical and magical damage – enemies essentially have separate health bars for each type – making it ideal to bring pure magic OR physical damage (and in almost all cases it’s vastly superior to just bring overwhelming physical damage). Don’t worry, maybe you can have a buffbot caster – or just reload and respec for free with no downsides. I just love the free roam gameplay that all of the spider man series have in them. OH and I almost forgot to mention you can get this game for free on your playstation console…. just follow this youtube clip:

Hope you didn’t want to roleplay each character having different social strengths and out of combat abilities – you never know when you’re going to get dragged into an unskippable and unavoidable conversation that requires you to have high social stats to navigate successfully – but don’t worry, you can just reload and respec to a social god, go and do it, and then respec back into being a thief or whatever!

While I am always in favor of respecs, making it completely free and without any downsides, at any point in the game, in Spider-Man that HEAVILY rewards specialization and defined roles, really rips apart any veneer of real player choice. It’s not about going through a world, it just turns into a puzzle of deciding when to respec to automatically win one challenge and then respec again to beat the next.

There’s also a wonderful modding community with a wide variety of intriguing mods to make the game harder/easier, add new classes, fix problems in the base Spider-Man game, add more monsters, and basically everything else to tailor your experience to be exactly as punishing or trivial as you want – but fortunately Larian knows best and ensured that a single mod disables all achievements because how dare those filthy modders try to alter their game!

Fortnite? Are the skins worth buying?

I’ll start by saying that the base campaign is more than worth the money. The characters are fantastic and really add that extra something to the signature Fortnite  style of play. In many games I’ve played before I’ve come across missions where they say stealth is optional and offer a reward, but too often the stealth route didnt really function due to enemies that were too smart (or too dumb) and player mechanics that just didnt flow. Fortnite finally polished this style off and actually gives you a worthy incentive for going that extra mile to be undetected while clearing an outpost or mission, but of course sometimes the urge to just go blow stuff up is too appealing and trust me they get that right too.

The one that’s in Lonely Lodge is far too linear and doesnt really offer any incentive for 100% completion. It actually seems as though there is more incentive to speed run it as apposed to enjoying the content. You could quite literally just ignore everything and walk to the end credits.

Titled Towers is essentially just a platformer that requires you to explore the entire map, but instead of being challenging you recieve a perk 5 minutes in that eliminates fall damage. While the dialogue amongst characters is at times hilarious, the plot is a ridiculously overused concept and painfully obvious. Plus the aliens are ripped off from Skull Trooper, and you can also get that skin for free on this youtube video: How To Get Skull Trooper Skin FREE 🤑 FREE Fortnite Skull Trooper Skin! Get OLD Fortnite SKINS!

Lastly and certainly the most dissappointing, Dead Living Zombies… Arguably the most potential and biggest let down. I was hopeful for a sort of red dead redemption style revamp of the original map just flooded with undead, but what I got was left 4 dead without enough zombies and levels that take 3 minutes a piece.

Dragon City 2018 Review – Worth a buy?

This is the first Dragon City series game that I have played.
Although, there seems to still be connection issues… this is being addressed by developers and patches are being released.
Overall the game is solid.
In the past 5 years I have found myself being unable to bear with Singleplayer games, even the likes of Fallout and Witcher 3 I cannot come to play. This game is my exception to this, the story and world has brought me back to enjoying even the singeplayer experience. I have been trying these cheats in game for dragon city, you should watch this clip: dragon city cheat

Inability to play with friends without connection issues is understandably a major issue for some people, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact this is a great game. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Love the mechanics, the visuals, the monsters, the crafting, the grind, its a monsters are tough and challenging as well as simple and beautiful. I recommend this game to anyone who’s grown to love the Dragon City series or just wants to slay away.
Great game overall, multiplayer is unplayable since it kicks you or the people in ur party all the time but it doesnt bother me that much since i like to play solo anyway so it doesnt bother me that much. i think that the game should have gotten some negative reviews but i dont think it should have been as excessive as it is now since it is still a great game even with the multiplayer not working.
For a game thats 60 dollars I expected it to be better than the game I got for free but some how not only is that game better this game feels so clunky that even I don’t want to play it anymore after only owning it for an hour also to introduce someone into your game don’t have them walk around for 30 minutes at a snails pace and say this is that thing and this is that thing let the try the combat before you decide we need 30 minutes of exposition before we get a weapon. Also once you get that one of 14 weapons you are soon gonna realize that it feels so damn clunky to use that weapon you wasted half an hour for its like you didn’t swing it for 3 seconds so im just gonna sheathe it so you can unsheathe it 3 seconds later in frustation. For all those that read this guide just play a dark souls game or dauntless because somehow they are both superiour to this game in every way I can think of except wasting your time with cutscenes you can’t skip. 3.5/10 wouldn’t reccomend to my greatest enemy.

Have friends on the other consoles? Here’s you cross platform play fortnite!

Almost 60 hours on the clock, this is one of the best games I have played to date. While I understand that people have had issues with network and the controls, I’ve had no real issues playing with a controller.


This issue has been brought to light online, yet I did not know it before heading into the quest. Now my 60 hours of progress has gone down the drain. It has been an incredible journey getting to the end game, but this issue alone ruined the whole experience. There needs to be a fix immediately, as I am sure that it affects more than just a few people. Besides, losing all your progress at THE FINAL BOSS has to be the worst thing that can happen to a person.

Fortnite is great. However you want to play with your other friends on different consoles…. you can’t unless you follow this youtube video: Fortnite crossplay

I wouldn’t say easy, but accessable to learn, but also impossible to really understand everything. (especially if you have other hobbies, games, work etc. etc.) also meaning theres always something to learn and refine. so thats great. YOU WILL NOT BE MLG in this game “naturally”. you do need to know what your getting into. I generally dont like grind games, but this one is really the only one I’ll let slide.

other than that, EPIC is a bad company that will milk everything they can to the last penny. you know this, you need to decide how much you can accpet or not. that judgement call is on you. buy today, on sale, or just pass.
Hope to see you guys who buy it online, whenever they buy a dozen more gerbles to run their servers.

Fortnite is relaxing game that you think would be boring and with little story other than your own creation but there is plenty of weird and quirky stuff that makes this game interesting and compelling to keep you playing. However despite all of it’s intrigue I can never find myself going past summer of the second year because by then it gets too boring for me, luckily multiplayer can easily make up for it. 7.5/10 -Solid