Dragon Ball Legends on iOS and Android Review

Do you love Dragon Ball? Do you love video games? If yes this game is for you. It takes real practice, time, and skill. Extremely quick field transitions and constant action 24/7 with over 100,000 people online at almost all hours. They are always updating, changing, but every DB Legend has the same stats in ever way ragardless of style. The biggest enemy can have an advantage with a bigger hitbox, but thats about it. This game is the best example of what mobile gaming truly is, i have never been so hype playing a game in my life. Its worth the download, and it is a steal when half priced. I am nowhere near even good, and im Platinum.

Honestly, I don’t know what to say. DB Legends is fantastic in everything that it tries to do (except when it doesn’t but well get to that) and its a great game! Nowadays it is more for people who actually want to ‘get gud’ instead of CasUaLS. But still, you can have some fun even if youre not serious about the game. I’ll be doing an edit on this review once I hit 600 hours, but its been great so far. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a skill-based serious game, but I also recommend if you are looking to play some games after a day of hard work or something of the like. Also, the community is not too toxic, and there is a very vibrant and dedicated online community to help them.

The one thing i don’t like is the extra money. There’s no way to get a new guys without spending money for crono crystals (except for events). There’s no way to get a new item without randomness without getting into the rl trading community. You have to buy crystals in order to get a normal, tradeable, decent item. And keys come at pretty decent price, tho. The catch is, you can’t know exactly what you’re getting, luckily I found this youtube video which explains how to get free crono crystals working on both devices…. check it out here: dragon ball legends hack

Should you buy Netflix?

Netflix is taking over the movie industry. With hundreds of thousands of titles to select from, is it worth to buy a subscription? Well, let’s put that to the test!

Going to movie theatre now a days will cost you anywhere between $5-$20 just for 2 hours of entertainment. With Netflix you can watch 730 hours of entertainment for $10! So yes the value for money is definitely there…. But you will also need internet bandwidth to be able to stream all these shows.

Netflix has invested in it’s own production of shows called “Netflix Originals” these shows are actually really good to watch, with a production value!

So we’ve figured out it’s worth the subscription cost, but what if I told you could get it for free? Yes that’s right. After watching this video on youtube I found you could actually watch netflix for free

Yes, you can actually just get free codes to get your netflix subscription completely free! I even got some codes for my cousins and grandparents!

Coin Master iOS & Android Review!

After playing for 7 hours, I can, for the record, give an honest opinion about this game.

Long story short: The visuals, animations and music are great; just as a reminder should be.

The game mechanics? Terrible:
-Complete lack of depth perception: The front-to-back camera angle in Coin master is how it was in the original. But it seems that the devs took no care in improving it whatsoever. Jumps are almost impossible to judge given this angle. I have the game maxed out at 1280×1024 on android and STILL cannot judge distances based on shadows, etc.

I think my favourite aspect of Coin Master, is the fact that you can play with your Facebook friends and verse them. I Actually attacked my friend who was ahead of me and then he deleted me on Facebook because of it…. He buys coins from the app store though :/ So I had to find a working coin generator for this game…. and then I stumbled upon this working coin master hack on youtube.

It runs smooth as butter and looks fantastic, pretty much perfectly recapturing the cartoony feel of the original games. New animations have been added on top of improving all of the old ones, and a few sound effects have been changed as well, though whether or not you see that as an improvement will come down to personal preference.

Finally, as mentioned, each of the games have some degree of QoL changes (generally to improving Bonus Stages in some way or another) that makes getting many of the previously ballbusting gems far more reasonable.

So as far as remastering goes they did a 10/10 job, but a remaster is only as good as the games it’s, well, remastering.